Attorney: Implementing Smart Contracts in Bitcoin May Undermine Its Usefulness as Money

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Ethereum has gained a larger amount of notoriety over the past few months due to the speculative interest in the concept of initial coin offerings (ICOs), but some believe adding the sort of complex smart contracting capabilities seen in Ethereum to Bitcoin would not be a wise move. This point of view was explained by […]

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How Bitcoin Has Enabled Abra to Build a Global, P2P PayPal

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In the fintech industry, the concept of an app that allows anyone in the world to transfer money directly to someone else’s smartphone at the click of a button has been viewed as a sort of holy grail. In a recent interview with Reason’s Jim Epstein, Abra CEO Bill Barhydt claimed that this vision is […]

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EP #94 Peerplays is Provably Fair Online Gaming!

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Today on the show I feel privileged to be speaking with Jonathan Baha?’?ithe President and Michael Maloney the Director of Intelligence for Peerplays. The Peerplays Blockchain Standards Association (PBSA), is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of provably-fair gaming. Peerplays is the world?’?s first peer-to-peer betting platform built entirely on top of a live blockchain AND according to BTC Media, the Peerplays token known as PPY is ?’?œthe first ?’?˜dividend playing?’? crypto-currency ever designed.The Peerplays network, features native smart contracts powered by graphene and a built-in digital asset exchange. The asset exchange allows users to choose which cryptocurrency they would like to use to make wagers. The Peerplays API gives users the option to choose what currency values are displayed in, including USD, EUR or a number of crypto-tokens.


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Ode To Satoshi

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Amir Taaki Sides with Blockstream, Peter Todd in Bitcoin Scaling Debate

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Amir Taaki was one of the first developers to start working on Bitcoin in the early days of the open-source project and is perhaps best known for his work on Dark Wallet, and his interest in the technology has always been political in nature. It was the use of Bitcoin as a political tool, as […]

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Ether Price Analysis: Are We Heading to $100 Support Level?

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Ether Price Analysis

As anticipated in the last ETH-USD price analysis, ETH-USD found a new low yesterday as the market continued its downward path within a cryptomarket-wide bear run. After making a Double Bottom a couple of weeks ago, ETH-USD has made a vicious run for lower prices. The figure below shows the Fibonacci Retracement values for our current, post-Double-Bottom-Reversal:

Post_DB_Reversal_Fib_jpeg.jpgFigure 1: ETH-USD, 2HR Candles, Gemini, Fibonacci Retracement Values

At the time of this article, ETH-USD is testing the first Fibonacci Retracement value at 23%. Before continuing to lower lows, it is very common to see retests of previous, significant support levels to establish the strength in the trend. The figure above shows the retracement path of the current bear run we are seeing. Before continuing to lower lows, the market likes to establish lines that were previously support values, and turn them into resistance lines:

Fib_Retest_jpeg.jpgFigure 2: ETH-USD, 2HR Candles, Gemini, Fibonacci Retracement Retests

Whether or not we make any significant upward progress with this bounce from the bottom remains to be seen. However, we have some indicators that will give us some insight into the health of this move:

1HR_Divergence_jpeg.jpgFigure 3: ETH-USD, 1HR Candles, Gemini, 1HR MACD Divergence

Looking at the 1HR MACD, one of the first things that pops out is the strong divergence the market is currently seeing. Divergence occurs when the price makes a new high, but the MACD fails to accompany the high with a new high on the MACD histogram. This is usually an indication of momentum loss and can often lead traders to begin the process of position exit and entry. In our case, we are currently testing two significant levels of support:

  1. The 23% retracement (mentioned above);

  2. The values that established the ETH-USD market’s previous low.

At the moment, the ETH-USD markets are at the mercy of whatever BTC-USD decides to do. Given that the entire cryptomarket is experiencing a very strong bear market, any noteworthy upward price movement must be well established with plenty of consistent volume. A failure to breach these values will almost certainly lead to a retest of our current low before any further upward progress can be seen. If our current low is broken, we can expect the next significant level of support to lie in the low $100 range:

Next_line_of_support_jpeg.jpgFigure 4: ETH-USD, 12HR Candles, Gemini, Next Line of Support


  1. ETH-USD continues to make new lows as it begins to retest old support lines,

  2. Before any significant positive price movement is seen, more buy volume needs to flow into the market to establish firm support. Otherwise, we will continue to descend.

Trading and investing in digital assets like bitcoin and ether is highly speculative and comes with many risks. This analysis is for informational purposes and should not be considered investment advice. Statements and financial information on Bitcoin Magazine and BTC Media related sites do not necessarily reflect the opinion of BTC Media and should not be construed as an endorsement or recommendation to buy, sell or hold. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

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