Antshares Rebrands, Introduces NEO and the New Smart Economy

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At a gathering at the Microsoft headquarters in Beijing on Thursday, with about 200 people in attendance, Antshares, the first open-source blockchain platform developed in China, announced a complete rebranding of its blockchain solution, as well as a number of other developments detailing their ambitious plans forward.

One of the revelations was the platform’s new name and brand, NEO, which in Greek means newness, novelty and youth. The developers also highlighted the strengths of their advanced smart contract code, which will support decentralized commerce, digital identities and the digitization of many different assets. This rebranding of Antshares represents a new direction for the development of China’s blockchain community.

Currently, holders of ANS can now automatically generate Antcoins (ANC) in their Antshares wallets, which will be used as gas on the platform. The ANS asset symbol will become NEO in the 3rd quarter of 2017; meanwhile, the NEO team is working on new clients and a UI for the new NEO brand.

Throughout the day, there were presentations from participants including Microsoft representatives, NEO platform developers, and founders of partner platforms. Among the select attendees were several major potential investors, industry experts and blockchain enthusiasts, as well as members of the Chinese financial and mainstream media.

Presenters at the conference included: 

Da Hongfei, founder of NEO

After announcing NEO’s new brand and strategy, Da Hongfei elaborated on the future of blockchain technology, where every asset will be digitized and programmable with smart contracts. Calling for the transparency and openness of data, he introduced concepts of the “Smart Economy” and new smart contract system, and announced that he is building a new multi-chain protocol for interoperability.

Da Hongfei’s top revelations at the conference were that:

  • NEO is collaborating with certificate authorities in China to map real-world assets using smart contracts;

  • NEO has received a new patent for cross-chain distributed interoperability;

  • NEO’s recent new startup partners include Bancor, Agrello, Coindash, Nest Fund, and Binance, with more partner announcements to come.

Erik Zhang, Core Developer of NEO

In his presentation, Erik Zhang discussed the evolution of Smart Contracts 2.0, and explained the main differences between NEO and Ethereum. One big contrast of these competing platforms is their programming languages. Ethereum requires developers to learn to program with Solidity. Neo, on the other hand, will support almost all programming languages via a compiler, including those on, Java, Kotlin, Go and Python, greatly lowering the difficulty for developers to write smart contracts. By making its programming languages more inclusive, NEO hopes to attract a larger community of developers. Zhang also explained the mechanics of the NEO Virtual Machine, its execution engine and interoperability.  

图片包含 屏幕截图


Slide Of The NEO Virtual Machine

Tony Tao, CEO of NEO and Founder of Nest Fund

Based on the concept of Ethereum’s The DAO, a blockchain-based investment fund, Tony Tao is about to release a whitepaper for a similar project. Called Nest Fund, and built on NEO’s blockchain, this fund will make improvements on the failures of The DAO. By offering a global bounty reward for any hacker who finds bugs, Nest will be audited by a worldwide peer review, and will then release its token for decentralized investing.

Srikanth Raju, Microsoft’s G.M of Developer Experience and Evangelism for the Greater China Region 

According to Mr. Raju, blockchain technology will lead us into a new digital age, displacing traditional businesses and middlemen throughout many industries. He said that Onchain (the company that founded NEO) is “one of the top 50 startup companies in China”, and offered his support for their endeavors going forward.

 Mr. Han Feng, Tsinghua University I-Center 

Fostering innovation and entrepreneurship at the top university in China, Tsinghua University’s I-Center focuses on the large-scale integration of technology resources. Speaking for the university’s growing interest in supporting blockchain technology, Mr. Han Feng said that current systems of commerce are “outdated and insecure,” and that the internet is ready for an upgrade to a blockchain-based operating system. Calling for a fully-automated, blockchain-based, decentralized economy, he said we can expect a digital revolution in the years to come. This will include digital currency, decentralized storage, secure smart contract codes, IoT, AI, and many more innovations.

 Chen Cheng Qiang, founder and CEO of Innospace

Located in Shanghai, Innospace is a business incubation company, with office spaces, meeting spaces, cafes and living spaces. At today’s conference, Innospace CEO Chen Cheng Qiang announced a ¥200 million CNY ($29.3 million USD) incubation fund, a collaboration between his company and the NEO blockchain team. Plans for the fund include the establishment of a new blockchain space in Shanghai, combining working spaces, startup incubation and acceleration services. According to Mr. Qiang, his company plans to provide the most successful entrepreneurship acceleration services in China.

 Alex Norta, founder of Agrello

Coming all the way from Estonia, Alex Norta announced that his startup Agrello will be partnering with NEO to develop smart contracts for automation, self-execution, accuracy and transparency. Powered by AI, Agrello will be a platform for non-programmers to create their own legally binding blockchain-based smart contracts. Use cases for Agrello’s tech include renting and sharing, freelance contracting, orchestrating production flows, and reducing administration costs for multinational corporations.

Adam Efrima, COO of Coindash

With offices in Israel and Shanghai, Coindash will be a social trading platform for crypto assets, offering portfolio management tools for digital asset investors. Features of the platform will include portfolio statistics and management tools, investment automation, an ICO dashboard, and insights into other traders’ successful investing strategies. In the upcoming development of Nest Fund, a blockchain-based smart fund by the developers of NEO, Coindash will offer advisory and prediction tools for Nest’s modern investors.

Mr. Zhao Chang Peng, CEO of Binance 

The former CTO of OkCoin, Mr. Zhao Chang Peng is starting his own digital asset exchange, hoping to compete with platforms like Poloniex. Calling his new platform Binance, this new exchange will only deal in coin-to-coin transactions, avoiding fiat pairs and therefore avoiding Chinese regulations. In order to maintain a standard in mature digital assets, Binance will only list coins that meet its strict criteria. With a launch planned for later this year, the platform’s first traded assets will be bitcoin, ether and NEO. 

From the looks, sounds, and energy of the event, NEO has built up some strong momentum going forward. They have one the top blockchain development teams in all of China, with 50 million ANS ($325 million) to support their funding needs and a growing list of partners now aligning by their side. While it may take some time to steal the spotlight from Ethereum, we are sure to see more from this platform in the months to come.  

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Midwest Peace and Liberty Fest: Intimate Fireside Bitcoin Conversations

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Midwest Peace and Liberty Fest

On June 22 to 26, many anarchists and freedom families congregated in Delton, Michigan for the Midwest Peace and Liberty Fest 5. It is a gathering for all liberty lovers who are looking to network, connect, mingle, and spend some time in nature. was lucky enough to make an appearance at the festival and provide attendees with cryptocurrency information and plenty of swag.  

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Aesthetic of the Fest; Amazing Speaker Lineup

The mood of the fest was light and intimate. The festival grounds were lush and serene. They included a wooded area with an orchard, plenty of camping spots, and wildlife galore. The atmosphere seemed to encourage bonding between everyone involved. Most of the revelers were there to share their love of liberty, decentralization, and compassion. The fest’s website described it in a similar fashion:

“You can expect diverse and life-enriching experiences at this year’s Fest. We know how valuable free time, sharing meals, conversation, and connection with a like-minded community is, and with that in mind we’ve made sure to maintain the laid back and flexible nature of last year’s festival. We are also aware that there is value in highlighting the innovative and intelligent minds the liberty community has to offer from across the Midwest. At the pavilion, expect a line-up of Midwest sourced liberty enthusiasts offering talks, interactive discussions, demonstrations, and dialogues on the most pertinent issues relevant to your freedom.”

This year’s talks were no exception regarding the quality of speakers. Several of the greatest minds in the liberty provided talks. Some of the subjects included peaceful parenting, government overreach, dealing with police, and slashing healthcare costs. Speakers included Dayna Martin, Jeffery Tucker, Mary Ruwart, Adam Williams, Nick Hazelton, Paul Gordon, Andrew Marich, Shane Radliff, Jeff Wood, and others.

Midwest Peace and Liberty Fest: Intimate Fireside Bitcoin Conversations

Solving the Bitcoin Scaling Dilemma by the Campfire; Jeffrey Tucker Talks about Bitcoin and Blockchain

One of the most pertinent cryptocurrency events at the festival was an impromptu bitcoin discussion panel that cropped up as the stars grew bright in the sky and the campfire crackled.

The discussion revolved around how to successfully resolve the scaling dilemma. Critiques on Blockstream and Core came up. There were also people who did not know much about bitcoin, so the fireside discussion offered a teachable moment for those individuals. Overall, the discussion was polite. It was also intimate and allowed for many details of each thought to be fleshed out.

Jeffery Tucker also referenced the importance of the blockchain revolution and the growing number of cryptocurrency millionaires in his talk. He called the emergence of these new wealthy crypto elite the new “blockchain aristocracy,” because they will be replacing the old order. He implied bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are the technologies of liberty, and they are here to stay. He said this is a beautiful time to be alive.

Midwest Peace and Liberty Fest: Intimate Fireside Bitcoin Conversations

Perks of the Festival; Bitcoin Vending

The talks were truly amazing…but the vibe of the festival inspired appreciation and love all on its own. Everywhere people were enjoying themselves and living as freely as possible. They chatted, hugged, and dined in tents or in the cabins. They danced under the moon at the festival’s ‘Anarchy Ball’ on Saturday night.

There were also vendors selling all types of merchandise, including food, Kratom, books, trinkets, and other goodies. The cool thing was most of the vendors accepted bitcoin. It is true the internet was a bit sketchy in some parts of the campground, but everyone was willing to cooperate even when technology was not. The festival was amazing and rife with freedom. Anyone interested in decentralization and cryptocurrency should consider going to the fest if they have never attended. It promises a joyous experience for anyone who embraces the nascent future of anarchy.

Would you be willing to venture out to Michigan for the Midwest Peace and Liberty Festival? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

Images courtesy of Shutterstock and Midwest Peace and Liberty Fest

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The Online Porn Industry Continues to Adopt Bitcoin for Payments

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There’s a lot of talk about drug purchases on darknet markets with bitcoin and the use of the censorship-resistant currency growing within the online gambling industry. However, there is another taboo industry that uses bitcoin more profoundly than we can imagine — The pornography business has been embracing bitcoin for quite some time and continues to adopt the digital asset for payments at an exponential rate.

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The Porn Industry Has Embraced Bitcoin

The Online Porn Industry Continues to Adopt Bitcoin for PaymentsThe global porn industry is a multi-billion dollar operation that continues to grow bigger every single year. Although the discussion of porn and bitcoin may be unfavorable to certain cryptocurrency proponents, the decentralized currency is used quite a bit within the adult industry. In 2017 there is a vast array of online porn sites that accept bitcoin for payments such as Amateur Canada, Hustler, alongside giant sized adult service providers such as Xhamster,, Naughty America, and more.

For instance, the well-known porn site ‘Xhamster’ has been accepting bitcoin for a few years now. According to an interview with Xhamster’s Project Manager when they first started adopted bitcoin, the cryptocurrency offered different attributes than traditional payment providers.    

Bitcoin profit is not as big compared to traditional billing methods yet, but it’s growing. And what’s very important for our members, it’s anonymous (actually pseudonymous). Bitcoin helps to avoid those awkward moments for guys when the credit card statement arrives and the wife starts asking questions. Why do we as the recipient love Bitcoin? There are no chargebacks.

Camgirls and Bitcoin-Centric Adult Websites

The Online Porn Industry Continues to Adopt Bitcoin for PaymentsIn addition to the big porn sites, there are smaller numerous ‘Camgirl’ websites that accept bitcoin as well. Camgirls [and guys] display private performances for online viewers after members pay a certain fee. Websites that offer camera-style and live nude video feeds include Live Jasmin, Flirt 4 Free, and Chaturbate. Furthermore, there are also ‘bitcoin only’ adult websites that offer live shows as well, such as the forum Girls Gone Bitcoin, Strip 4 Bit, and’s private adult section

Another porn site Bacchusent Entertainment offers high-quality adult pictures and video at a discount for members who pay with bitcoin. Saffron and Dennis Bacchus have detailed that Bitcoin gives customers the benefit of remaining pseudonymous and allows the company to stay clear of financial blockades issued by credit card companies.

The infamous adult magazine company Playboy’s website ‘Playboy Plus’ accepts bitcoin too through the payment processor Bitpay. Users can purchase all three of the company’s membership plans utilizing the decentralized currency. The site offers users access to over 100,000 photos and HD videos for members.

Bitcoin and the Online Adult Industry Seem to Be a Perfect Match

Over the past two years, more and more adult websites and online pornography dealers have been adopting bitcoin. It may not be the most favorable topic, but the two economies are thriving together. Bitcoin has enabled porn businesses and their customers the ability to jump over privacy invasive hurdles and censorship from traditional payment processors. Because of these attributes, the decentralized cryptocurrency has attracted a large swathe of porn sites that are utilizing bitcoin for these benefits.

What do you think about the porn industry adopting bitcoin? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Images via Pixabay, and Playboy Plus.

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Israeli Startup Colu Launches Second Local Digital Currency in the UK

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Colu, a startup headquartered in Tel Aviv that develops localized digital currencies based on blockchain technology, has launched its second currency in the UK, the Local Pound, East London. The launch follows the introduction in late-2016 of the Local Pound, Liverpool, which has allowed 16,000 residents to make purchases at local businesses including restaurants, fitness […]

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RT @AmeerRosic: What is An #Ethereum Token: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide via @Blockgks …

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