Let's Talk Bitcoin! #350 – Such Great Heights

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On Todays Episode of Let’s Talk Bitcoin,

Andreas Antonopoulos rejoins Stephanie Murphy, Jonathan Mohan and Adam B. Levine to dissect the cryptocurrency bubble. Later, the discussion turns to troubled Venezuela’s bi-polar approach to Bitcoin Mining while launching it’s own Altcoin. And what is Crypto-Fiat anyways?

This episode of Let’s Talk Bitcoin! was sponsored by EasyDNS.com and edited by Matthew Zipkin. This episode featured music by Jared Rubens & the New Time. Any questions or comments? email adam@letstalkbitcoin.com

Album Art modified from an original created by By Alan from oralMent, adanaC (Everything is fine) CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Have a good one!

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Bitcoin IRA Review – Tax Free Crypto?

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Investors are jumping for joy about the incredible explosion of wealth they can gain from cryptocurrencies. However, many remain blithely unaware of the elephant in the room: the tax collector. Have you already profited from your investments, but you’re hazy about the tax implications? If so, speak to your accountant. Moving forward, you can shield […]

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Senior Vice President of eBay: We Are ‘Seriously Considering’ Accepting Bitcoin

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The senior vice president of eBay Americas has said that it is ‘seriously considering’ accepting bitcoin as a payment method. Speaking to Yahoo! Finance, Scott Cutler, said that while the company was thinking about it, they are ‘not quite there yet.’ However, the consideration comes at a time when bitcoin’s price has been soaring to […]

This post Senior Vice President of eBay: We Are ‘Seriously Considering’ Accepting Bitcoin first appeared on Coinjournal.

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The Crypto Show: Rafa Jimenez Of ALibre.io & Daniel Krawisz

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On tonight’s episode of “The Crypto Show,” Rafa Jimenez of Ahorro Libre joins us to discuss how his company will revolutionize, but not replace, traditional non-banking financial systems in the third world, and its relationship with the huge convenience store chain, OXXO.

Daniel Krawisz sits in with us the whole show, and in the second hour we discuss Bitcoin in the news, whether it’s a bubble, its long-term viability, and more.

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PR: Bitcoin Giant, Bread, Launches Native Rewards Token (Brd) to Become Global Digital Asset Platform

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Bread Cryptocurrency Digital Asset Platform

This is a paid press release, which contains forward looking statements, and should be treated as advertising or promotional material. Bitcoin.com does not endorse nor support this product/service. Bitcoin.com is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy or quality within the press release.

Bread’s $12M token pre-sale sells out in 4 days; crowd sale to begin December 15th, raising $20M.

Bread is one of the largest and fastest growing digital currency companies, with 750,000 customers in over 140 countries, protecting billions of dollars worth of bitcoin.

The Bread team announces a large scale expansion of their platform, transforming the company from a simple bitcoin wallet to a fully functional decentralized financial platform for cryptocurrency holders. The expanded platform will retain the ease of use that is so compelling for entry-level cryptocurrency adopters but will now provide the support, functionality and flexibility that can be found in more traditional fiat based financial institutions. The added ability to manage Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum-based tokens within your Bread wallet will be the first of several improvements.

Many banks and credit card companies offer loyalty programs to retain users and increase the value of their products. As Bread progresses towards becoming the world’s largest, decentralized financial institution, they will now launch their own loyalty rewards program, Bread Token or (BRD). This will be a digital asset built on Ethereum that users will be able to hold in their Bread wallets.

Token​ ​allocations
A maximum of 160,000,000 (160M) bread tokens will be issued, and will be priced at 900 BRD tokens per 1 Ethereum.

● Up to 106 million tokens may be sold to participants.

● 32M tokens will be used for administrative costs surrounding the token sale, including giveaways in marketing campaigns, airdrops to current Bread users, partners, etc.

● 22M tokens will be retained by Bread to support future roadmap development, operations, and grow the Bread brand.

Bread tokens will bring various benefits to Bread customers. For instance, paying with Bread tokens will provide a large discount on service fees when buying or selling bitcoin or Ethereum through the app. Secondly, the more BRD held by an individual customer, the greater the perks, such as a dedicated support phone number, access to early pre sales of qualified ICOs, and exclusive invitations to events around the world. Additional premium services will be rolled out gradually.

Join our Telegram https://t.me/joinchat/HclhZw3y3wyfPchdgyTOcg

Learn more about Bread’s expansion and Bread Token rewards. See the Whitepaper:

Keep up to date with the latest Bread and cryptocurrency news. Subscribe to Bread’s newsletter: https://token.breadapp.com/en/

About Bread

Bread (originally breadwallet) was established in 2015 as the first decentralized bitcoin wallet app of its kind on Apple’s platform and is now on Android as well. Bread’s platform includes a simple and secure wallet that is ideal for both beginners in cryptocurrency and established users. Bread is evolving in its ability to hold any and all cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, ERC-20 and ERC-644 tokens and counterparty assets, making it the first cryptocurrency wallet of its kind to do so.

To learn more about Bread and the Bread Team visit the website:

Contact Email Address

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