PR: Cryptocurrencies Are Now Instantly Spendable with MoxyOne’s White Labelled Debit Cards

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MoxyOne’s White Labelled Crypto Debit Cards

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Cryptocurrencies are now worth over $600 billion. This is more than the net worth of Amazon or Facebook. Owing to its continual growth, many great projects have emerged that are developing to enhance pre-existing services and products. As the number of projects increases, so does the demand and need for a means to utilise company-issued tokens. These can range from platform and service fees on a company’s ecosystem to a more varied role such as grocery purchases and other daily transactions.

Realising the need for this service, MoxyOne is developing a white-label service for any company that wishes to supply their users with a company-issued debit card and wallet system. White labelling allows companies to become partners and gives them access to the MoxyOne infrastructure. Companies will have great flexibility to change the components on the MoxyOne system to suit their individual needs.

In addition to their white label service, MoxyOne will also be providing their token holders (SPEND) with a debit card and wallet system to make real-world purchases. Users will be able to utilise the wallet and debit card to make everyday purchases, withdraw funds from any compatible ATM and make instant payments anywhere, anytime [even where cryptocurrencies are not accepted]. Cryptocurrencies will instantly and automatically convert to fiat at point of sale without any extra input required by the user.

Liquidity providers are a major component of the MoxyOne system. These individuals or companies provide equivalent fiat for the amount of purchase by a user. They will in return, receive the full token amount as well as an added percentage of tokens as fees. By being available in multiple countries, users will incur little or no foreign exchange fees in the countries that liquidity providers are available. Cryptocurrencies and fiat will be exchanged at the domestic exchange rate which is great for travelling users.

MoxyOne already has an exchange partnership with Cryptopia, meaning SPEND will be listed there as soon as the token sale ends. Other exchanges, both majors and pay-to-play, will be listed and announced in the near future. Additionally, they have secured a partnership with a decentralised social networking platform, “Social” (SCL). They will be the first white label partner to offer its token holders a “Social” instant access debit card to be used on its platform.

Raiden Network’s micropayments channel will be used for enhanced transaction speeds and Gladius’ DDoS protection and security will be used to secure the system. It has also been announced that the MoxyOne developers are finalising a prototype for its wallet system. It may be released prior to the token sale in early 2018.

The pre-sale will begin on 8th February 2018 at 01:00 GMT and ends on 10th March 2018 at 01:00 GMT. The main token sale event will run from 14th March 2018 at 01:00 GMT to 14th April 2018 at 01:00 GMT.

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Changelly Review – The 1 Thing They Won’t Tell You…

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Changelly is a cryptocurrency exchange that aims to remove the technical barriers of traditional trading platforms. In operation since 2015, the service was originally associated with the Minergate team, which we recently reviewed as well; however, today these are two different companies (according to a source inside Changelly). Changelly uses an automatic trading robot that […]

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Plasma Can Save Ethereum From CryptoKitty Level Congestion

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Earlier this year, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin and Lightning co-author Joseph Poon announced Plasma, a second-layer scaling infrastructure for the Ethereum protocol. In a recent blog post, the development team behind Bankex, an Ethereum-based open-source digital asset exchange, noted that the implementation of Plasma could reduce the congestion of the Ethereum blockchain network which continues […]

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The Crypto Show: Jeff Berwick & Danny From Acapulco

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On tonight’s episode of “The Crypto Show,” Danny joins us from Jeff Berwick’s house in Acapulco. Jeff gives us the rundown on the upcoming fourth annual Anarchapulco Conference in Acapulco, including some of the speaker highlights, first and foremost among them, Ron Paul. We talk about some of the topics and themes for this year’s conference, the workshops and extracurricular activities, and some of the other things that attendees can expect this year. We also discuss the future of Bitcoin and what are some promising altcoins in Jeff’s opinion. Lastly, Danny fills us in on some Dash ATMs that he is helping to get installed locally here in Austin, Texas, as well as on the work that he is doing with a local orphanage in Acapulco.

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Ripple Becomes Largest Altcoin As Bitcoiners Issue Warnings

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Ripple is causing a stir on both the markets and social media as its price continues to explode.

Ripple (XRP) has overtaken Ethereum as the largest altcoin by market cap in a surge which has divided the cryptocurrency community.

After the payment network’s token reached as much as $2.65 on some exchanges this week, investors are celebrating returns which have topped 1,000 percent in just three weeks. At the start of December, XRP traded at just $0.24.

Multiple altcoins have seen astronomical gains towards the end of this year as Bitcoin’s own surge fueled copycat behavior which saw new all-time highs for assets including Monero, Ethereum and Ethereum Classic.

With a market cap of $91 bln at press time Saturday, however, it is XRP that has stolen the show from Ethereum, which currently has a market cap of $68 bln. Meanwhile, Bitcoin’s overall market share has sunk to new all-time lows below 38 percent.

Reasons for Ripple’s rise revolve around new partnerships with traditional finance, institutions keen to leverage its technology to cut costs and save time.

Despite its newfound successes, however, Bitcoin figures appear wearier than ever, highlighting the project’s centralized structure and comparative lack of use cases for XRP versus the platform itself.

“There is a clear mispricing here between the (past) and the (future),” BitFury CEO George Kikvadze commented on Twitter Friday.

Popular personality WhalePanda meanwhile went further, comparing Ripple’s ethos in terms of bonafide Blockchain qualities to notorious MMM scheme OneCoin.

Placeholder VC’s Chris Burniske and Blockchain technologist Preston Byrne also voiced concerns about the rate of XRP’s growth.

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Poloniex Now Requires Legacy Trading Accounts to Verify Identity

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Poloniex Now Requires Legacy Trading Accounts to Verify Identity

This week the popular cryptocurrency exchange based out of Delaware, Poloniex, has issued a notice to legacy account holders. According to the exchange, all traders who use the platform must verify their identity using the company’s upgraded verification portal.

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Legacy Account Holders Must Verify Their Identities On Poloniex to Avoid ‘Potential Disruptions’

Poloniex Now Requires Legacy Trading Accounts to Verify IdentityA while back, the cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex started to implement an identity verification process for all its new registrants. At the time legacy account holders were ‘grandfathered’ with the privilege of not being required to submit identity credentials. Now Poloniex has issued a notice to all of its users that legacy accounts will now be required to verify their identities or the unverified accounts will be closed.     

“We will soon require legacy accounts to become verified through the latest version of our verification portal,” explains the U.S. exchange.

The exact date for this deadline will be announced in Q1 2018 — While you will be given advance notice before this requirement goes into effect, we encourage you to verify your legacy account now to avoid any potential interruptions in your ability to trade on the platform.

Unverified Users Will See Most of the Trading Platform’s Functionality Disabled After the Deadline  

Poloniex Now Requires Legacy Trading Accounts to Verify Identity
Withdrawal limits will change after a legacy account verifies their identity.

At the moment unverified legacy accounts can withdraw approximately US$2,000 worth of cryptocurrencies per day from the site. The exchange details that after a user is verified, the withdrawal limit is upgraded to a withdrawal limit of $25,000 per day. Legacy accounts that fail to comply with the verification process will see trading and lending functionality disabled, and all open orders will be closed. Withdrawals will remain enabled at the $2,000 limit up until the deadline, and deposit addresses will not function after the scheduled date. Further, the Poloniex will also close margin positions after a grace period.   

“Margin positions will be given an 8-week wind-down period where they can only be diminished or closed. After the 8-week wind-down period, they will be closed,” Poloniex explains.

Poloniex is ‘Committed to Regulatory Compliance’

A lot of traders use Poloniex, and as of today, the exchange is swapping the fourth highest trade volume for BTC pairs worldwide. The platform currently allows trades for 100 digital assets, and its 24-hour trade volume is 70,174 BTC or US$1Bn according to Coinmarketcap statistics. Poloniex details that at any point its legacy users can verify their accounts and “full functionality will be restored” alongside the withdrawal increase.

“As a registered money services business, Poloniex is committed to compliance with all applicable law requiring identification and verification of its customers,” the trading platform concludes in its recent notice.

What do you think about Poloniex making legacy account holders verify their identities? Do you think soon all exchanges will be required to verify identities? Let us know what you think of this situation in the comments below.

Images via Shutterstock, and Poloniex.

Need to know the price of bitcoin? Check this chart.

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South Korea’s Bitcoin Regulation is Highly Optimistic, False Reports Claim Ban

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Over the past 24 hours, a series of false reports from news publications including Reuters have claimed that the South Korean government is planning on banning or closing down cryptocurrency exchanges. An initial report from Reuters, which has since been corrected, stated that the South Korean government is expected to close down cryptocurrency exchanges in […]

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