The Crypto Show Joel Valenzuela At Porcfest 2018

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Joel Valenzuela sits in with us at Porcfest for another episode of The Crypto Show’s Digital Cash Evolution where we team up with Doug Hodges of Phoenix Crypto. Doug is a local resource in the Phoenix area for beginners in Crypto as well as the operator of the majority of the ATMs in Phoenix.
Joel breaks down his experience in Portsmouth New Hampshire of evangelizing crypto currency especially the amazing adoption going on with Dash.

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Malta Stock Exchange Partners With OKEx to Launch Security Tokens Platform

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The Maltese government is gradually building a global market for cryptocurrencies as it continues to assert itself as the world’s blockchain island with crypto-friendly regulations. Thanks to such accommodating legislation, cryptocurrency companies like Binance and OKEx have flocked to the country to build out their services.

Helping to further build these services, the Malta Stock Exchange (MSE) just announced the launch of its MSX PLC, an investment vehicle that will partner with leading crypto exchanges to create joint ventures in the country. For MSX PLC’s flagship partnership, MSE signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with digital asset exchange OKEx.

Speaking with Bitcoin Magazine, Joe Portelli, chairman of the Malta Stock Exchange, was full of optimism for the partnership with OKEx.

“We believe security tokenization will be the next major wave in the digital asset arena and expect other stocks exchanges to follow our lead,” he commented.

OKEx, who recently moved to Malta, will partner with the MSX to create an “institutional grade security-tokens trading platform” called OKMSX. The company, however, expects to finalize the Joint Venture by the third quarter of 2018, while the platform won’t be launched until the first quarter of 2019.

The partnership would leverage OKEx’s expertise for running a digital exchange and the MSE’s “experience in regulatory compliance and client due diligence.”

Commenting on the partnership, Tim Byun, chief risk officer and head of Government Relations of OKEx, said he believes OKMSX will be a “milestone for the economic development of Malta.”

MSX also joined hands with German-based Fifth Force, the operator of Neufund, a platform that allows companies to tokenize equities and sell them via Equity Token Offerings (ETOs).

In a Medium post, Neufund says the partnership aims to build a “regulated and decentralized, global stock exchange for listing and trading tokenized securities alongside crypto-assets.”

Zoe Adamovicz, CEO and co-founder at Neufund, revealed in the press release that he was anticipating the pilot, which would help “test the market’s reaction and realize overall project idea.”

Malta has been committed to creating a favorable environment for the blockchain industry. Just last week, Malta-based STASIS launched a stablecoin backed by the Euro. The country’s friendly laws have also convinced crypto heavyweights to set up shop on the island.

This article originally appeared on Bitcoin Magazine.

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Malta Stock Exchange to Develop Two New Platforms for Security Tokens

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Malta Stock Exchange to Develop Two New Platforms for Security Tokens

The Malta Stock Exchange has separately announced today that MSX, the innovation, digital and fintech arm of the group, will be developing two new platforms for listing and trading security tokens. Neufund is developed in partnership with Binance, and OKMSX in collaboration with Okex.

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Malta Stock Exchange to Develop Two New Platforms for Security TokensA subsidiary of the Malta Stock Exchange and Binance, Neufund aims to become an end-to-end primary issuance platform for security tokens, equity tokens in particular. It will allow for secondary trading of equity tokens and enable companies from around the world to raise funds in a legal way while offering liquidity. Seven companies are already slated to conduct an Equity Token Offering (ETO) on the platform: Founders Bank, Brille24, Uniti, Myswooop, Next Big Thing, Blockstate and Emflux Motors. A pilot project is promised later in 2018 which is said to include the public offering of tokenized equity on Neufund’s primary market which may later be tradable on Binance and other crypto exchanges pending regulatory and listing approvals.

“We are thrilled to announce the partnerships with Malta Stock Exchange and Binance, that will ensure high liquidity to equity tokens issued on Neufund. It is the first time in history, that security tokens can be offered and traded in a legally binding way. The upcoming pilot project will allow us to test the market’s reaction and realize the overall project idea in an environment with minimized risk,” commented Zoe Adamovicz, CEO and Co-founder at Neufund.


Malta Stock Exchange to Develop Two New Platforms for Security TokensOKMSX is meant to leverage Okex’s digital asset operations and security expertise, along with the Malta Stock Exchange’s 26-year experience in regulatory compliance and client due diligence. It aims to develop an institutional grade security-tokens trading platform. The two parties say they strive to finalize the joint venture by Q3 2018 and that this new platform will launch by Q1 2019 to service clients globally from Malta.

“Malta is taking the helm of regulating the blockchain technology and cultivating a regulated cryptocurrency and ICO epicentre. This joint venture marks our confidence in the Maltese government as well as our commitment to providing an efficient, secure, and transparent blockchain trading environment to clients worldwide. We believe OKMSX will be a milestone in the economic development of Malta,” said Tim Byun, Chief Risk Officer and Head of Government Relations of Okex.

“Today Malta opened up a way for legally binding listing and trading of tokenized securities. We are proud of Malta Stock Exchange to enter a partnership with a worldwide leader in primary offerings on blockchain such as OKEx. I look forward to the fruitful collaboration in the future,” commented Silvio Schembri, the Maltese minister for Financial Services, Digital Economy and Innovation.

Are security tokens listed on stock exchange-backed platforms really more safe to invest in? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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CheapAir Says Goodbye to Coinbase, Hello to BTCPayServer

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Online travel agency has announced it is no longer working with Coinbase to process its customers’ bitcoin payments. In Coinbase’s stead, the company has turned to BTCPayServer, an open-source bitcoin payment processor.

CheapAir had been partnered with Coinbase since early 2013, but this April, the digital currency exchange explained that it was shutting down its merchant platform, leaving CheapAir in the dark and struggling to find a steady replacement.

The company wrote in a blog post that its affiliation with BTCPayServer largely stems from customer feedback that came during a time of great need. “We were in unfamiliar territory to suddenly be scrambling for an alternative,” writes CEO Jeff Klee. “I cannot tell you how grateful I am for the overwhelming amount of thoughtful feedback we received. We went into the process thinking we were on a desperate quest to find a new processor, but thanks to many of you, we came out of it realizing we don’t need a processor at all.”

The post goes on to say that the company has been working with BTCPayServer for about the past month following several customers’ suggestions. Klee states he’s thrilled with what BTCPay can do, and that he finds it “liberating” to not have to rely on third parties anymore, as now has more control over the transaction process, leading to faster and more efficient payments.

“We can also do a much better job of gracefully handling the occasional anomalies that are still inherent in crypto commerce,” the post claims. isn’t the only airline company accepting cryptocurrency. Star Jets International does, as well, which began accepting virtual money payments late last year. CheapAir states that despite the problems it’s had with Coinbase, it will continue to accept digital currency payments as they are likely the future of finance.

“We do think that most industries will have to come along and start expanding acceptable payments beyond fiat currencies,” explains Klee in a recent interview. “It’s not surprising that smaller, more nimble companies like ours can sometimes get out in front of legacy companies — the complicated infrastructure challenges make it tough to make this kind of leap early.”

Klee also hinted that while the company hasn’t made a firm decision just yet, they would be open to Lightning Network payments if customers showed interest.

“We certainly wouldn’t rule it out [Lightning Network] in the future, especially if our customers tell us it’s something they would like to see us accept,” he mentions.

At the time of writing, representatives of CheapAir had not responded to Bitcoin Magazine’s request for comment.

This article originally appeared on Bitcoin Magazine.

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SAFE Crossroads #44, PARSEC Consensus Code Release, with Bart'omiej Kami"ski

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In late May, MaidSafe released the whitepaper for PARSEC (Protocol for Asynchronous, Reliable, Secure and Efficient Consensus).

This week MaidSafe published the open source code for implementing PARSEC so that it can be used by any other projects which would find it suits their needs.

This episode, we talk to Bart…’omiej Kami…”ski, a developer who works on the MaidSafe team in the Routing section, and a co-author of the whitepaper.

We cover a lot of relevant concepts that should allow most anyone to get a deeper idea of how PARSEC works and how the SAFE Network uses it–without putting developers to sleep, either! We also talk some about how other projects may find PARSEC useful and wish to use and contribute to it.


Music for this episode: Safe Crossroads Beta, an original piece composed and performed by Nicholas Koteskey of Two Faced Heroes


Medium article about the PARSEC code release, with link to a GREAT youtube video by Dug Campbell

Safenet forum thread on the Release

PARSEC explainer video

Medium article about SAFE and PARSEC

MaidSafe Dev Update release of PARSEC

PARSEC whitepaper



Links to all things SAFE

SAFE Crossroads subscription links

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